Testing for drugs and alcohol

Dr. Sutton provides quality health and safety services through drug and alcohol testing.

We offer drug screening through urine tests and hair follicle tests. As well, we can do on-site breath alcohol testing.

Whether you need DOT drug and alcohol testing to stay compliant or implementing a safe workplace environment, use us for all your testing needs.

Head to FMCSA for drug testing and alcohol testing related information and resources.

Drug Screening

Our urinalysis is available instantly or test-to-lab through a 5 panel drug test. We offer drug collection for third parties at a competitive price.

OccMed Experience

Let Dr. Sutton OccMed be your go-to drug screening and alcohol clinic for any need.

Breath Alcohol

We can provide impromptu spot checks on-the-job for alcohol and drug levels.

Work with Dr. Sutton

No Hassle. Reliable Testing Service. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment for your next alcohol or drug test.