Non-DOT Physicals

Dr. Sutton provides quality health and safety Non-DOT Physical exams to help you reduce recordable injuries and keep your workplace safe.

If your job requires physical actions, you may be in need of a Human Performance Evaluation (HPE). This physical exam evaluates if you are physically adept for your work.

Call Dr. Sutton if you are in need of a Pre-Placement Physical, Fit-for-Duty Exams, Post-Offer Physicals, or a Return-to-Work Assessment.

Non-DOT Physical Exam

Your employer may require this physical to ensure you are able to meet the specific physical requirements related to the job.

OccMed Experience

With over 20 years of occupational medicine experience, choose Dr. Sutton as your Non-DOT physical exam evaluator.

Return to Work

Recovered from an injury and ready to get back to work? Get your return to work physical exam done here.

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